My first book is off to a rocky start…but it’s a start!

book cover for Letters to my Daughter

Since March 30th I have been telling people about the digital release of my first book on May 10th. Through a newly formed publishing company, Connecting Dots Publishing, I set up Letters to My Daughter with KDP (the publishing arm of Amazon) for pre-release at a promotional price of $0.99.  I’ve been excited, nervous, and a little stressed as I pushed to do the final editing and cover design before the publishing deadline.

On Monday, I called customer service asking for help because the KDP system had locked me out of making any changes to my book in pre-order status. I still needed to upload the final manuscript, but it wouldn’t let me and the clock was ticking. The perky customer service rep, perhaps new at her job, listened briefly to my dilemma, put me on hold, then came back and cheerfully said, “Okay, I’ve canceled the pre-order. All you have to do is set it all up again.” Whaaaa???

As calmly as I could under the circumstances, I pointed out that people had pre-ordered the book at the promotional price and now it was just gone. But the damage was done. Amazon sent an auto-email to all of those people saying it had been canceled and refunded their money. A punitive email came to me saying my pre-order privileges would be frozen for a year because I failed to meet their standards. I would like to say I handled this as cool as a cucumber. Instead, I may have put cucumber slices in my alcohol.

Finally at 4:00 Wednesday afternoon, after multiple phone calls and apologies from KDP, the punitive measures were lifted from my account and we got the book up for publishing, ironically AHEAD of the original target of May 10th. ORDER IT NOW ON AMAZON.

Folks who preordered at the promotional price should receive an email that it is published, with a link to buy the book at the retail price. I’ve asked if they can send a message to the customers to email me so I can make good on the promotional price promise. I haven’t yet received an answer from KDP. They can’t tell me the names and email addresses of those who pre-ordered, so I have to hope they will help make this right.

I’m not responsible for the error, but if you purchased the pre-order please send me a message. I will make it right with you.

Now here’s how you can help me — after you read the book, write a review!I am ever so grateful for your support as I explore down the publishing path. Next up will be the paperback version of Letters to My Daughter and then on to finishing my memoir, Semi Tragic.

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