A Crash Course in Leadership


It’s Not Enough to Just Show Up

Woody Allen once said that “Seventy percent of success is showing up.”

Too often, however, we have leaders in place that simply show up and conduct business as usual. They give out instructions, make big decisions and control who works for them and when. But as you all know, showing up is only half the battle. The real success is found when a leader decides to put others first.

See, tangible success is when we show up both in body and in spirit. As leaders, it is essential that we remember that we are all human beings. If we are only focused on managing the logistical and operational aspects of an organization, we are missing out on the human element. We are not machines. When leaders show up with true heart and a genuine love for people, it creates a magnetic force that binds a community together, building tremendous loyalty. And once that loyalty is forged, the community under that leader’s guidance will follow them anywhere.

Want to learn more? Check out my recent interview on The Superwoman Chronicles with Jessica J. Williams, a podcast that showcases women in leadership and passes on creative ways to demonstrate leadership both in the workplace and everyday life.


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I help organizations build whole-hearted communities through ‘half-assed’ leadership. We work together in three ways: speaking, consulting, and executive coaching. Step up from the ordinary… Contact me today.

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