01: Introducing Letters to My Daughter Podcast

As the great Ruth Bader Ginsberg once said, “My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant to be your own person, be independent.” It’s tough to learn how to be independent and self-assured without some guidance. The role of a mother or a mentor is absolutely important for young women on the rise, so I wanted to create a place for women to teach one another how to be a lady. My name is Elisa Hays, and this podcast is something like a letter to my daughters, and any daughters anywhere.

Today, you will hear not just why I think mentorship is so important, but also why it became very important very quickly. You will get the chance to hear my story about a tragic accident that left me on the doors of death. Even though I had less than 5% of a chance to survive, here I stand today, and I am not going to let that life go to waste! My daughter almost lost her mother and her mentor, so here are the things I would have wanted my daughter to know in my absence. I want to collect all the best wisdom, stories, and tools that women young and old can use on their journey to becoming the lady they were destined to be.

So share this with a sister, a friend, or a young woman in your life who might be in need of some guidance. These are open letters, after all. You might hear just the wisdom you need!


More in this episode: 

  • Why do young women even need a mentor?
  • My story of the accident that left me an unusual amputee.
  • How my daughter and I drew closer together after the accident.
  • My sources of inspiration and insight.
  • What to expect next!


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