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March 1st 2018

Letters to My Daughter imageMarch 1st will forever be an extraordinary day. On this day in 2014, at approximately 8:00 PM Central time, EMTs raced my hemorrhaging body into an emergency room in Wichita, Kansas. I was given less than a 5% chance of living. As one surgeon said, “The only time I’d ever seen that much of the inside of a human body was on a cadaver in medical school.”

Ten days later I opened my eyes, surprised to discover I wasn’t dead. It took a painfully long…and well, just plain painful…battle to arrive at the life I have today. But this isn’t a post about the accident, and you can certainly read about it on my website. This is about one piece of what I want to give back…Letters to My Daughter.

Today, on March 1st, I launch a year-long heart project. I don’t know where the adventure will take me, but I invite you join me for the ride! Each Thursday a new podcast episode will go live. If you like what you hear then it would be much appreciated for you to subscribe, rate, review….basically all of those things that everyone asks. More than anything, I want you to please share because bolstering young women to grow into extraordinary leaders genuinely matters. It takes everyone’s help.

Some episodes will be very short and some longer. Some will be interviews and others will be just me talking. It’s not predictable and it’s not sales-y. This is just me, speaking from my heart, sharing the life lessons I would have wanted someone to share with my daughter if I had never survived that collision on March 1st four short years ago.

Give a lesson to Episode #001!

I work with and speak for organizations who want devoted patrons and a culture of whole-hearted leadership. I’m invited to address topics of engagement, resilience, change, disability, and faith. I am an expert in extraordinary leadership, empathy engagement, and experiential design.

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  1. Melissa DeMonaco
    Melissa DeMonaco says:

    Elisa — absolutely beautiful. I just shared this with my 18-year-old daughter, who could use a little inspiration as she navigates through her first year of college. Perfect timing for me and for her. Thank you for sharing!!


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