03: An Incredible Mother’s Life

When I think of the women who taught me the lessons for success, the first one at the top of the list is my own Mom. Mom wouldn’t consider herself a “wild feminist,” but she did do amazing things within male-dominated industries that paved the way for many women to come. Instead of seeing setbacks because of her gender as unfair obstacles, Mom simply worked harder to reach her dreams. In a time when it was weird to educate women just as we do men, Mom pushed to have every opportunity.

“I don’t think of myself as a feminist. I think of myself as a woman in the world trying to do what I wanted to do.” 

Mom’s biggest advice to my daughter, and to daughters everywhere, is to keep challenging yourself. Do the hard thing. There are still industries out there where women are the exception to the rule. We have a place and we have a voice in those industries! Push yourself towards your passion, and life will always be satisfying. I cannot wait for you to hear the story of my incredible mother’s life. She is an inspiration to me and will be an inspiration to daughters everywhere. Thanks for joining us today!

Show Highlights:

  • My mom’s love of education was fostered by her own father.
  • Most women went to college to get an “MRS Degree,” but mom got her degree in Chemistry and Math, and a Masters in Cardiovascular Pharmacology.
  • Getting an MD was a way for my mother to help people.
  • Mom didn’t have traditional female role models.
  • Mom definitely had setbacks due to her gender when applying for medical school.
  • Keep working and challenging yourself.
  • The message my mom would send to my daughter.
  • How to fight back against the 10 year rut.
  • Advice for young women who are facing setbacks because they are a woman.


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