04: Cultivating True Beauty

When women want to get ahead in the professional world, many will turn to their looks. They have been taught since they were little girls that a tilt of the head and a coy smile will get them what they want. The sad truth is that looks will fade, and many middle-aged women will try to play the pretty card unsuccessfully.

“Beauty comes from your personal presence.”

We need to be teaching young women the leadership and interpersonal skills that will get them ahead in their careers and then stay there. After all, true beauty comes from self-assurance and presence. Let’s cultivate inner beauty to produce professional women who are both pretty and smart.

Show Highlights:

  • The tool we should use to get ahead professionally. It’s not looks!
  • Being smart and being pretty are not mutually exclusive.
  • What low self-esteem does to women’s behavior.
  • Women do not have equal representation in the workplace.
  • Practice the leadership skills that will get you ahead professionally in the long term.




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