05: Do The Hard Thing

Fortitude—do you have it? It’s also known as grit. Why do some people possess this quality and for others it seems so far removed? This is the topic of discussion on today’s show. Let’s find out more!

Antonia Novello, the 14th Surgeon General of the US, said it this way: “I believe that fortitude is key. More than anything, be consistent. Go at it. Go at it. GO AT IT. When you succeed, don’t forget the responsibility of making someone else succeed with you.” She says it well, don’t you think? Let’s explore this topic and what it means for women who mentor and those who need mentoring. It’s safe to say that we all could use a good boost of fortitude in our lives. Join us!

Show Highlights:

  • What is fortitude?
  • Many have their own opinions of what it is and is not, and we often look at upcoming generations and wonder if they even have fortitude
  • Angela Duckworth’s book, Grit
  • What the Grit Assessment said about me
  • Duckworth defines grit as “passion and perseverance for long-term goals.” Do you agree?
  • The story of my daughter working with me at age 11 at a full adult job for full adult pay—showing her grit
  • What it means to “Do the hard thing” and how that brings maturity
  • Why some people have fortitude and some people don’t
  • Why some people will NEVER have fortitude—because they always play the victim
  • Doing the right thing even when it’s not the thing we want to do
  • Why it’s not popular to take responsibility for yourself and your life
  • How we lead so others can lead too—it’s our responsibility


Urban Dictionary definition of fortitude 

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Angela Lee Duckworth’s TED Talk on Grit

The Grit Scale

Big Fresno Fair


Dr. Duckworth’s research has its detractors

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