Small plant growing. Background of dappled sunlight. Text says “Hospitality and Grace open a space for others to see the light and grow”

4 Guides for Hospitality and Grace Online

We live in a social media world dominated by self-curated glimpses of humanity. Let’s call it what it is [mostly] — voyeuristic, exhibitionist entertainment. In other words, the posturing is rarely real. Are you willing to be in the minority? Are…
ilouhette of a woman in cross-legged meditation seat with quote from the Buddha, “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

You’ve screwed it up already

Day 4/150 Dailies Well, I wrote my “Morning Mindset” journal entries today at 5:00 P.M.. The journal is part of a 150-day experiment in which the ONLY requirement is that I consistently answer a series of pre-determined journal prompts…
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Making money does not equal winning.

Making money does not equal winning. It took nearly losing everything for me to learn that. Before the accident, I loved tracking revenue (less so the expenses, but that’s another story). Watching the red line jumping up on the spreadsheet…
book cover for Letters to my Daughter

'Letters to My Daughter' is available on Amazon!

Letters to My Daughter: A collection of mentoring topics, tidbits, and tips for women of all ages  is NOW ON AMAZON!
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4 Life Lessons from May Day

On May 1, while many herald the arrival of Spring by dancing around Maypoles or delivering flowers in homemade May baskets to neighbors,  workers around the globe celebrate International Workers Day, also called Labour Day. Although in the…
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Courage Training 101

I’m listening to the audio version of Brené Brown’s book, Dare to Lead. At one minute and fifty-three seconds into the book I hear this.... “I looked at these brave soldiers and said, ‘Vulnerability is the emotion that we experience…
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Have You Heard the News?

Last week I heard a disturbing piece of news. A deaf couple was mocked by employees at a Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-through window for their inability to hear. At least that is what their daughter tearfully alleged in a Facebook video that…

Underwater? LET GO...for just a little while

Have you ever felt swamped? Buried? Underwater with work? In the last couple of months...ok let's be honest, all this year...I've been the proverbial duck. Above water, everything looks calm. But beneath the surface, these legs are paddling…

Press for Progress

What are you doing to Press for Progress on International Women's Day 2018? Are you proclaiming? Protesting? Performing? ...or prognosticating? Are you wearing purple (the official color) or praying for an end to violence against…

02: Celebrating International Women's Day

In a show about women mentoring women, it is important to pay tribute to the women who came before us and paved the way to equality. The fight for equal representation in our workplaces and in our society still continues, but I am inspired…