Lead with Love

lead with love

Have you ever considered how selfish the phrase, “Be my Valentine” sounds? It’s all about what’s in it for you.

The very best Valentines cost nothing – love, gentleness, kindness, humility, meekness (a word more like tolerance in modern culture), and patience.

When we wholeheartedly believe that love is infinite, rather than scarce, it changes how we act. We stop seeking to ‘get’ and instead freely give. Daily we take time to refuel our supply and reconnect to our calling. To build communities based on the qualities that make being human truly special, we must give those qualities away to others and to ourselves. To lead with love we must BE a Valentine.

Also, I like candy. So feel free to give me that too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I help organizations build whole-hearted communities through ‘half-assed’ leadership. We work together in three ways: speaking, consulting, and executive coaching. Step up from the ordinary…. Contact me today.

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  1. Carlene Reaves
    Carlene Reaves says:

    Merry Christmas Elisa!! May your new year be blessed and may you have moments of hysterical laughter!!
    From Carlene
    Met you at AFH Conference at Tulalip. I’ll never ever forget you❤️

    • Elisa
      Elisa says:

      Hi Carlene, I just saw your comment! It’s never too late to say “thank you.” I hope you are enjoying a beautiful 2019!


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